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Leaders Make Decisions Every Day. You Can Make Decisions You Love and Never Regret. We Can Help.

When you begin each day in the Agora (the marketplace), you have decisions to make.  Which initiatives will you move forward? Which projects will hit a wall and need to be shelved? Which decision will scale your efforts and which decisions will distract you from taking ground.

It’s exhilarating and daunting. You only have so much time and effort to give.  You want your effort to make an impact and move your business forward.  You don’t have time or money to waste on decisions that won’t work, or which you will regret later.

You’re smart, you have insight, and given enough time you’ll make the right call, but time is your enemy.  You would love a path to decision making that you could trust and depend on.

For the past 3 decades, the advisors from Agora Consulting Group have seen every dynamic of business decision imaginable and we’ve crafted and honed approaches to business decision making that help you make a great decision the first time.

The path begins when you get real honest about what you care about, what motivates you.

Then we help you map your plan with measurable and realistic targets and metrics so that you can execute a plan to see results you’ll enjoy forever

Making Great Business Decisions Begins With The Right Equation.

How do you make business decisions you love and not regret? It comes down to values.  At the end of the day, what do you care about? What motivates and inspires you and your team?  The Value Equation defines a path to unearth the values of your organization, align to those values, and ultimately deliver value.


When Your Values Are Aligned To Your Business, Success Will Follow.

We serve companies looking to grow dramatically through the development and application of value aligned business strategies.

Consulting Projects

Co-created and time-sensitive projects to accelerate your business forward. In these engagements, an Agora Strategic Advisor works with you to build the scope and sequence to achieve the project objectives, as well as, assist in delivering the end result.

Executive Leadership Coaching

For those leaders who would like a trusted and confidential sounding board, our coaching engagements are designed to give you a space to make progress toward your goals in a less invasive fashion. We believe in true coaching. We will support you to make the decisions you need to be successful and work to equip you with tools you can use over and over.


Whether it's gaining a voice at the leadership table, gaining insight into how to exit your business successfully, or how to make your next career move, we have designed workshops that accelerate your skillset and savvy.

Agora will help you strengthen your value foundation within your business. Simultaneously, we work with your team to improve company synergy. Agora incorporates proven tools that allow you to build a better culture for your company and your employees.


Being busy doesn’t always equal productivity. Strategy can take away the unwanted distractions and help create focus. We want to help you build and implement the best strategy for your business.


Whether you are looking to begin planning your exit strategy, grow profitibly, or increase your overall satisfaction at your business, Agora is here to help make that happen. We work with company founders and their teams to grow each area to compliment one another.

An Open Minded Team

30 years of experience has not hardened our perspective.  If anything, our perspective has broadened.  While certain business principles hold true from one generation to another, we never stop looking for innovative ways to approach the challenges businesses are facing.

Let's Work Together

Our success is found when you are successful.  You are the subject matter expert in your domain.  We have tools and processes to help accelerate you toward your goals.  You can trust that when we work together, our focus first and foremost is on your business thriving!

For many, the idea of working with a consultant is unappealing.  Maybe they’ve had bad experiences in the past.  Maybe the consultant offered solutions to the wrong problems.  Or, maybe the consultant missed who the true hero of the business is…..the business owner.

We believe in doing work that we enjoy and we believe you should enjoy your work too!  When we engage in a project, expect that we will work to find ways for you to enjoy your work more as you pursue your goals!

You’re smart! You’re in your role for a reason.  If you chose to not engage with Agora, we’re confident that over time you will figure out a way to get to your goals.  It may just take quite a bit of trial and error and time.

Lots of business leadership gurus talk about values.  It’s easy to get lost in the hype without making them practically useful.  We think about values as the key to unlocking business decisions you’ll love and not regret.  Over and over again, when businesses don’t just survive but thrive we find that under the surface were business practices in complete and total alignment to the business’s values.

What new ground could your business take if the challenges ahead of you were in the rear view mirror?  Every day that a decision goes by unmade is momentum lost.  Get started today making decisions that will leap your business forward.

Steps to Business Decisions You Will Love and Never Regret

Define the values you care about. Those which will inform your business decisions.

Map the plan to align to your values

Execute a value-aligned plan to see the results you’ll enjoy forever.


We’re Here to Help You Succeed

Agora’s team is compiled of talented and experienced consultants who are dedicated to your success and sustainability. With a large knowledge base, every team member gives an incredible contribution to the companies we have worked with.

  • Scott Groff

    Strategic Advisor

    Strategic Advisor
  • Josh Schuler

    VP Marketing, Strategic Advisor

    VP Marketing, Strategic Advisor
  • Steve Smith

    Strategic Advisor

    Strategic Advisor
  • Garry Krum

    Founder, Strategic Advisor, Executive Team

    Founder, Strategic Advisor, Executive Team
  • Kevin Brownlee

    Strategic Advisor

    Strategic Advisor
  • Carl Lee

    Strategic Advisor

    Strategic Advisor


We're Here For Your Success

Whether you are looking to plan your next move, make your vision a reality, deliver greater value, align your efforts, or lead with confidence; our team of trusted advisors will guide you to toward the results you seek.

Are you wasting energy on initiatives you are unsure will work? Are your best employees leaving? Is this causing you to lose ground with your competition? Are you making decisions you regret?

All this can change.

You can lead with confidence knowing that you are making decisions to consistently move your endeavors forward.

We would love to partner with you to write this new chapter.

Use the form below to contact us, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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