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Leaders Make Decisions Every Day. You Can Make Decisions You Love and Never Regret. We Can Help.

Businesses get better when the business leader gets better.  The AGORA Transform process will make you better in every aspect of leading your business.

When you begin each day in the Agora (the marketplace), you have decisions to make.  Which initiatives will you move forward? Which projects will hit a wall and need to be shelved? Which decision will scale your efforts and which decisions will distract you from taking ground.

It’s exhilarating and daunting. You only have so much time and effort to give.  You want your effort to make an impact and move your business forward.  You don’t have time or money to waste on decisions that won’t work, or which you will regret later.

You’re smart, you have insight, and given enough time you’ll make the right call, but time is your enemy.  You would love a path to decision making that you could trust and depend on.

Agora TRANSFORM is a one day per month (for 13 months), curriculum driven business workshop to build sustainable and lasting value in the development, growth, profit and success of each member’s business.

For the past 3 decades, the advisors from Agora Consulting Group have seen every dynamic of business decision imaginable and we’ve crafted and honed approaches to business decision making that help you make a great decision the first time.

The path to transformation begins when you get real honest about what you care about, what motivates you.

Then we help you map your plan with measurable and realistic targets and metrics so that you can execute a plan to see results you’ll enjoy forever!


Using Christ’s example, TRANSFORM will clarify or even remodel your business by defining your values and purpose and create a clear view of your success that is both fulfilling and God-honoring.


Being busy doesn’t always equal productivity. Strategy can take away the unwanted distractions and help create focus. We want to help you build and implement the best strategy and approach for your business.


Change for change’s sake it not always helpful.  When the change is brought about through thoughtful and methodic steps (formed from your refined values and a solid plan) it is transformational.  You will notice a difference and so will those you do business with!


Transformation As A Business Leader Leads To Transformation In Your Business. Success Follows.

Businesses get better when the business leader gets better.  The Transform process will make you better in every aspect of leading your business.

Agora’s TRANSFORM Process provides your company with the identification of clearer values and goals, benefits of improved leadership, and development of actionable plans. Members participate in a once a month workshop to increase the growth and success of their company.  This is a focused business development workshop where success is the outcome of the intense study, discussions, and peer reviews.

Agora’s TRANSFORM Process is an all day, once a month, curriculum driven business workshop that seeks to build sustainable and lasting value in the development, growth, profit and success of each member’s business.

Our curriculum will help you – think deeplyintentionally… and creatively!

We seek to inspire… to create value in all of its many facets… and to be mind-blowing salt and light in our communities!

We completely destroy the usual model of doing business and help you create one that is far more valuable, fulfilling, Christ-centered and thus transformational!

Agora Transform is not designed for everyone – only those business owners or executives that desire and are committed to achieving dynamic and significant value in and through their businesses.

You and your business will look completely different!

You will have clarity and a new-found sense of purpose and direction!

You will find time… to truly do the things you desire!

You will find and build an exceptional product, service, financial, business and community value!

You will develop deep and lasting relationships with your small group of business peers!

Learn more by reading this blog post!


Peer to Peer

Each Transform group is specifically chosen as a mastermind group. The transformation is facilitated as much by the facilitators as by those journeying through Transform with you. Get real-time feedback and support.

Focused Business Growth & Value Development

Develop a structured plan that removes the guesswork from business growth and value development. Many Agora TRANSFORM participants remark how deliberate their growth path is after going through TRANSFORM

A Rooted Ethos

TRANSFORM is an integrated approach to business and personal development, drawing inspiration from the Christian faith and the life, teachings and example of Jesus.

Structured Curriculum

The TRANSFORM curriculum follows a structured curriculum delivered over an 18 month period with focus on the following themes: The Lordship of Jesus Christ; Our Noble Calling as Business Leaders (Biblical Framework Defining A Noble Purpose of Business); Business, Why, Purpose & Vision; Business Strategic Planning; Leadership & Stewardship; and finally, Business Plan Execution

MBA.... where the case study is you

Every step in TRANSFORM is built to help you see TRANSFORMATION in yourself and your business. This is unique to every TRANSFORM participant. TRANSFORM brings the power of an MBA robust business approach and custom tailors it to you and your business.

Transformation Occurs At The Nexus

How do you TRANSFORM yourself and your business?  TRANSFORMATION lies at the intersection of SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, and BUSINESS GROWTH DEVELOPMENT.  Where these 3 overlap….we find TRANSFORMATION.


If You've Said Some Of These Things....TRANSFORM Is For You!
  • “I want to grow my business and need help, but can’t afford a consultant.”
  • “What are my business goals?…to make money, is there any other!?”
  • “How do I rise above the “frenzied sharks in red water” competitiveness?”
  • “I’m different at work than at church, I wonder why?”
  • “I feel trapped in my business, a slave to the bank and creditors.”
  • “I want to retire soon or do more of what I want, but how…and who would fill my shoes?”
  • “I wish my business made more of an impact for God.”
  • “I would love to focus on more Christ-honoring endeavors, but cannot get out of the ‘rat race’, I’m just too busy”.
  • “I wish I had good dedicated employees!”


We're Here For Your Success

Whether you are looking to plan your next move, make your vision a reality, deliver greater value, align your efforts, or lead with confidence; our team of trusted advisors will guide you to toward the results you seek.

Are you wasting energy on initiatives you are unsure will work? Are your best employees leaving? Is this causing you to lose ground with your competition? Are you making decisions you regret?

All this can change.

You can lead with confidence knowing that you are making decisions to consistently move your endeavors forward.

We would love to partner with you to write this new chapter.

Use the form below to contact us, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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